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Scripture Memory Cards PDF

This is a scripture memory cards PDF file, of free printable Bible verses to memorize. PDF of special Bible verses to memorize about God's provision. Printable Bible Memory Cards:
Scripture Memory Cards

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AcreSoft Bible Memory Grammar Image

Find links to great homeschool curriculum: Here

Scripture Memory Box Program: scripturebox.com

App for Bible Verses to Memorize

App for Bible verses to memorize: Bible Verses to Memorize App

For ideas for Bible verses to memorize in the Bible memory box:
Printable Bible Memory Verse Ideas
These are basic provision Bible memory verses.

Below are some more Bible memory verse ideas, for Bible verses to memorize.
Psalm 103
Psalm 91
Psalm 67
Romans 8
Colossians 1
Hebrews 4
Romans 4
1 Corinthians 13
Hebrews 11
Isaiah 53
John 15
Sermon on The Mount

This Bible Promise book is a great book for Bible verses to memorize.
God's Promises for Your Every Need

Scripture Memory Verses to Memorize

Here are some great ideas for foundational provision and promise Bible memory verses to memorize.

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Copying scripture can help in the memorization of Bible verses, and is great for penmanship.
Bible verses to memorize copybook PDF: acresoft.com/copybooks.html
Bible Verses to Memorize - products at scripturememory.com
Bible Verses to Memorize - products sold at thywordcreations.com
scripturetalkministries.com Bible Verses with Hand Motions DVD

How To Memorize Scripture

How to Memorize Scripture Have you ever wondered how to memorize scripture? One method to memorize scripture is to read the verses 50 times thinking about what you are reading.

If you read a selection of Bible Verses morning and evening for a month, and if the month has 30 days, you read it 60 times.

Another Option: Read the verses twice in the morning and twice in the evening, for two weeks. This equals 56 times. Read slow and think about what your reading. Look up any words you don't understand.

Note: Writing the verses or using scripturetyper.com can also help.

Using Hand Motions With Bible Verse To Memorize

If you want motions to help with Bible verse memorization, below are some sites with motion ideas.
books with finger plays etc. My First Bible Verses, and Favorite Action Bible Verses
lifeprint.com Sign Language may give ideas for hand motions, to help with memorizing Bible verses.
aslpro.com for more ideas.

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Bible Based Education

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