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Job Estimate Software

Using "Job Pricer" you can work up job bids and estimates in no time. Make your business more profitable by pricing your work right. Useful for small tradesmen and businesses that give quotes on a per-job basis.

Setup Your Company Info

This is the first step in using "Job Pricer ". Here you enter all information specific to your company such as your working hours and overhead costs. You only have to do this once when you first start using Job Pricer, after the first use Job Pricer remembers your setup for all future jobs. Of course you can edit these setup items at any time.
You can enter an overhead expense as a weekly, monthly or yearly expense. Here you also enter your profit goals. Job Pricer prices your jobs to meet your profit goals.

Follow the Numbered Tabs

Everything in Job Pricer is broken down into easy numbered steps. Each step has a tab of its own. To Price a job, start with tab 1 on the left and work your way to the right. When you get to step 5 Job Pricer will calculate the best price for that job.

1. Describe Your Job

Enter here the name of the job and all the important details about it.

2. Enter Charges

You can enter one total charge for the whole job or itemize charges.

3. Enter Expenses

Itemize your job expenses on this page.

4. Enter The Hours for Each Worker

Time spent on the job can be entered for each worker. Time can be entered in hours and minutes. Job Pricer adds up all the time for all the workers for you.

5. Get Your Answer

As soon as you click tab 5 you have your figures.

  • The charges you have entered.
  • Direct expenses for the job.
  • Your labor cost.
  • The overhead for the job.
  • The total expenses.
  • Total man-hours spent.
  • Your net earnings for the job -- after expenses.
  • The earnings per man-hour.
  • And what Job Pricer recommends you charge for the job.
  • An option to print out your results.
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