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Bible Based Homeschooling

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There are many ways to use the Bible as a basis for Bible centered education. Some ways use the Bible as the main textbook. It is advisable to have a seperate math curriculum. You can use the Bible, as a base for language arts, including, grammar practice, reading comprehension, spelling etc. There are resources to use, with a Bible based and Bible centered, educational homeschool.

Free Bible Study Notebook Page Worksheet

Note: The second or third pages are great printed off a bunch and put in a notebook.
Free Bible Study Notebook Pages

Homeschool Bible Curriculums For Multi Age Teaching

Great Bible study curriculums: Multi Age Homeschool Bible Curriculum

tbsbibles.org has nice reference Bibles in different covers and sizes. Note: Search for Bible in the search box on their site.

Bible Based Homeschool Language Arts Education

Bible Based Grammar Puzzles and Scripture Copywork: acresoft.com

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Bible Based Language Arts options

Christian Book Store

A person may learn best, when they are given a chance to share, what they have learned. Here are some different ideas:
You could read the daily reading, using the book above, and then narrate what you learned.
They could draw what they read, or something that stood out to them:
They might want to draw an overview of each book.
Maybe making a computor presentation, giving a speech, or creating puppets would appeal.
Let your imagination run.

Bible Based Phonics

Here are two options:
Beginning Steps To Reading
Rod and Staff Phonics
Both at: milestonebooks.com

Social Studies and Science

Note: Lessons can be picked and chosen, if desired.
In the books the primary lesson is for 1-3 grade, junior section grade 4-6, intermediate research questions grade 7-9, and advanced research questions grade 10-12.
Science and Social Studies Curriculum

Bible Based homeschool History Education

Creation to Canaan sold at: milestonebooks.com

Understanding the Old World 7th grade social studies (can be used for any grade) sold at: milestonebooks.com

Draw & Write Through History Book 1

Draw & Write Through History Book 2

History Through the Ages - Exodus Books

History Through the Ages

Mystery of History - Exodus Books

Mystery of History

Bible Application Homeschool Science


Bible Based Homeschool Art Education

Bible Based Drawing

Draw & Write Through History Book 1

Bible Based Coloring and Craft Books

How Great Thou Art

Note: Another option is to use curriculum with less work so you have more time for Bible or Bible curriculum. Easy Homeschooling with few Problems

Reference Books: Homeschool Reference Books

The BibleTop100.com.com