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AcreSoft Educational Notebooks, Charts, and Software

I have a growing selection of educational products. These include penmanship practice, scripture copywork, 1st grade penmanship worksheets, AcreSoft Bible Based language arts for practicing grammar and writing, continent notebooks, educational charts, and software. Please check back often to see our latest additions.
You can download the AcreSoft software featured on the products.htm page. If you like the software you can buy it, If not, just uninstall it and forget about it. Besides our own software we also now feature selected software from other publishers. Happy browsing.

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Penmanship Practice and Scripture Copywork

AcreSoft Special Verses Copywork is a PDF file containing print and cursive KJV scripture memory penmanship practice, and 1st grade print penmanship practice worksheets.
Penmanship Practice Scripture Copywork

Scripture Copywork Penmanship and Grammar That is Bible Based

A printable PDF file for Bible Memory based grammar and scripture copywork penmanship. Check out these great PDF grammar copybooks. These include special verses scripture copywork, some Psalms scripture copywork, and some of Romans scripture copywork.
Scripture Copywork and Grammar

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Bible Based Homeschooling Curriculum

Bible Centered Homeschooling Helps: Bible Based Homeschooling

Bible Based Language Arts

The Bible is an important subject, and guide for a child's life, but it can easily get crowded out with other subjects.
Are you finding it hard to fit Bible into your day? That's where Bible Based Language Arts comes in, by incorporating more than one subject together Bible doesn't as easy get crowded out.

Since Bible and Language Arts are both important for a good education, it is a wonderful way to start your day.

It is great for them to get in the habit young of daily reading the Bible.
Habits formed young, and practiced consistently are harder to forget.

The extra time spent with the Bible while practicing Language Arts, also helps engrain the scriptures in the mind.

Taking turns reading verses, gives practice reading out loud. This is a good time to teach reading, with emphasis and expression. Then you can orally quiz each other, if you like, to see how much each one learned.

Are you interested in using your Bible as a base for vocabulary, grammar, and creative writing?
AcreSoft Bible Based Language Arts is a pdf of notebook pages, designed to aid this purpose. This PDF file also has pages for penmanship practice.

Check out AcreSoft Bible Based Language Arts:
Bible Based Homeschool Language Arts

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Free PDF File Business Card Size Bible Based Language Arts Ideas

A PDF of of Bible based language arts ideas.
Printable Cards Promoting Bible Based Language Arts

Free Printable School Paper Template

Free Printable School Paper Template

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A PDF file of educational charts for only $5.95: More Info About Educational Charts Here

Wholesale Mini Card Charts

Wholesale educational and inspirational business card size are available as mini card charts.
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Mini Card Chart Wholesale Info Request Form

Bible Verses to Memorize

Below is a link for ideas for Bible verses to memorize. Bible Memory Resources:
Bible Verses to Memorize

Easy Homeschool With Few Problems

Easy homeschool curriculums, with few problems, can free up more time for Bible.
Easy Homeschool Curriculum or Books

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Fun Educational Board Games

Educational Magazines
Educational Magazines

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3D drawing How to Draw

How to draw as 3D drawing Learn How to Draw 3D Drawing Tips

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AcreSoft Bible Based Language Arts
Notebooking pages for practicing grammar, vocabulary, and creative writing based on Bible reading.

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AcreSoft Bible Based Language Arts - Notebooking pages for practicing grammar, vocabulary, and creative writing based on Bible reading.

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